Market Place Representation

Market Place Representation


Sometimes…A Little Help is all You Need,
                    (To Get Where You Want to Go…)

The Farmer Group consists of a team of highly qualified, seasoned and connected individuals who help represent a variety of handpicked, home-grown companies specializing in diverse array of manufacturing, engineering and facility services. We are engineers, production managers, sales experts and business professionals. In short, we extend your sales capacity and capability.

  • Know the Customer
  • Know the Product
  • Know the Competition

Our representatives are business savvy and have a grounded understanding of success and what it takes to reach “the next level”. We are experts at helping our clients reach the decision makers, assemble sales presentations, author proposal letters and act as the customer liaison to build creditability and facilitate positive customer relations. We are successful at these targets because we provide top to bottom support in the procurement process of new business (or expanding customer base) by interacting with ALL levels management and supervision, from the line supervisor to the upper reaches of executive management. We even help untangle the red tape and help navigate through the maze of the collection process so that you are paid in a timely fashion, perhaps the most overlooked and most valuable task in any organization.

We make OUR contacts, YOUR contacts.


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