Price, Quality & Delivery – Pick Any Two

“Price, Quality & Delivery – Pick Any Two.”  This simple cliché really tells the tale of the frightening reality that help define what todays purchasing organizations are faced with.

“You want Price and Quality, well that will take a while.”

“You want Quality and Delivery, well that will cost you.”

“You want Delivery and Price, well don’t expect the best product.”

Effective industrial purchasing must be equally focused on all three cornerstones; price, delivery and quality.  In the industrial manufacturing marketplace to have expertise in one cornerstone without similar expertise in the other two is to place yourself at the mercy of the supplier.

The Farmer Group brings such expertise; a diverse group of engineers, managers, manufacturing experts and entrepreneurs with savvy business sense.  To assume that the primary role of commodity purchasing is to buy an item or block of similar items is a drastic oversimplification.  We are able broach through a seller’s product descriptions to find out not only how much it costs, but when, how and where it can be delivered and whether it will provide satisfactory quality and utility to the end user.  Inherent in our purchasing function is to additionally track substitutions that will provide the end user the desired role but may additionally provide advantages in one or more of the cornerstones, price, delivery and quality.  Also, we find it useful to track warranty on purchased goods and services; something that larger purchasing organizations are unable to effectively accomplish.  Our procurement and supply chain targets include:

  • Support Our Customer’s Operations With an Uninterrupted Flow of Materials & Services
  • Provide Strategic Purchased Delivery To Minimize Inventories
  • Develop Reliable Supply Sources Providing Exceptional Price, Quality & Delivery
  • Develop and Maintain Positive Supplier Communications
  • Develop Standardization, Substitution & Simplification of The Current Deck
  • Monitor and Track Inventories To Avoid Duplication, Waste & Obsolescence
  • To Help Identify and Author Procurement Plans For Long Lead Items

The Farmer Group continually searches for new and alternative ideas, products, and materials to improve efficiency and profitability for our customers.  We administer our services for the benefit of our customers to help expand the effectiveness of the supply management function, ethically and efficiently

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