Energy & Building Management Systems


Conserved Energy is Less Expensive Then Cheap Energy

Every Owner knows that operating costs can stack up quickly, significantly affecting the bottom line. Many times, basic solutions to cut operational expense are overlooked simply because there is no awareness of cost-effective measures that have noticeable effect on daily operations and expenses. One of those simple solutions is energy conservation. The Farmer Group’s team of energy experts develop custom energy management strategies based on facility requirements and industrial processes from the simplest to the most complex opportunities.

Our energy management solutions are designed to reduce energy use and improve efficiency by integrating systems that help automate and monitor energy use. We can provide real-time monitoring of the building environment; how, when and where energy is consumed. The basic science of manufacturing quality has taught us that the first step in improving any process is to first measure and then benchmark. Our energy deployment programs provide the path to Implement an energy management system at your across your site, integral with your manufacturing processes that will:

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Normalize Temperature Distribution
  • Reduce Vulnerability to Energy Price Fluctuations
  • Improve Regulatory Compliance
  • Enhance Your Corporate Image

The Farmer Group provides energy deployment and commissioning programs that compliment LEED requirements for both facility and process energy demand. We support our customers by providing concept to commissions programs that include the following:

  • Identified and Define Energy and Cost Data
  • Verify and Calculate Real Energy Use and Cost
  • Provide Energy Data in a Simplified Specialized Report
  • Prioritize Areas of Focus by Cost and Volume of Energy Use
  • Identify Specific Areas of Energy Conservation Opportunities Based on Priority
  • Develop Implementation Plan and Schedule
  • Outline, Actions and Methodologies to Reduce Energy Wastes and Losses.
  • Provide Cost Estimates Calculate the Cost Needed to Realize the Proposed Reductions.
  • Implement Approved Energy Conservation Measures
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