Manufacturing Master Planning

Manufacturing Master Planning


Master Manufacturing Planning with Confidential Advanced Planning

  • New Manufacturing Concept Development & Manufacturing Plan
  • Capital & Human Resource Investment Cost Projections
  • Customer Support in Determining SourcingofProduct, Based on Overall Corporate Targets
  • Layout Design & Coordination for Building, Tools, Process, Facilities and Services
  • Develop Program Timing and Installation Schedule
  • Analysis of Production Requirements
  • Establish Direct & Indirect Labor Requirements
  • Alternative Feasibility Studies
  • Plans For Future Flexibility & Carry Over Parts
  • Determination of Material Handling Types to Meet Production Needs
  • Training Program Considerations & Plan
  • Cost Savings Inititives & Value Engineering Studies
  • Network Scheduling to Meet Program Milestones

Resourceful Leadership Marries Ideas with Ingenuity…and Calls It Manufacturing

The Farmer Group members bring experience from a wide range of manufacturing disciplines from projects throughout the United States as well as Australia, South American, Asia, Canada, Europe and Mexico. The typical client whom might utilize The Faremr Group services would have a program in which one or more of the following conditions are true:

  • Coordination of process design/installation and facility design/construction is critical to the project success.
  • There is a need to manage the program from concept to commissioning with single source project responsibility.
  • The Owner requires strict control of quality, costs and schedule.
  • The Owner desires comprehensive specialized capabilities as part of the management team and lacks the in-house personnel to staff to the desired level.
  • There is an anticipation that the Owners fixed budget will require investigation and evaluation of

The Farmer Group is prepared to propose a variety of compensation packages designed to help insure that the Owner’s objectives become The Farmer Group’s objectives. Functioning as the Owner’s representative and as an extension of the Owner’s staff .The Farmer Group will be ethically and economically bound to the success or failure of the program with its fees integrally tied to that success or failure.

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