Manufactured Fasteners

Manufactured Fasteners

World Class Manufacturing of Fasteners and Installation Tooling for Our Customers

We help provide a wide variety of fastener and nut types for worldwide distribution including the following fastener types:

  • Pierce Nuts
  • Socket Set Screws
  • Clinching Screws
  • SEME Screws
  • Welding Screws
  • Micro Screws
  • Torx/Torx Plus Screws
  • Micro Stix Screws
  • Triblular Screws
  • Remform Screws
  • Taptite Screws
  • MA Thread Screws
  • Plastite Screws

We specialize in automotive applications by providing high volume fastener / nut manufacturing under strict quality guidelines governed by ISO90001 / TS16949 and ISO 14001. We are an authorized representative of Lih Ta Fasteners Company, Ltd with full manufacturing plants located in Taiwan.

We additionally are an authorized representative of Fastener Advanced Products Company with full manufacturing of “pierce nuts” located in Manchester, Michigan.

Fastener Advance Products is a global market leader in the manufacturing of pierce nuts. We take pride in manufacturing the highest quality pierce nuts in a wide range of both standard and metric sizes.

Our pierce nuts are made from high strength cold formed steel of 1015 and 1022 material to meet all class 8 and 9 property requirements. Our patented manufacturing process enables us to make pierce nuts faster and more efficiently than our competitors providing cost and timing advantages.

Faster Advance Products utilizes the latest in camera system technology for multi vision inspections. This error proofing assures the highest possible quality even when running at 600 parts per minute!

We additionally provide the tooling systems for pierce nut installation complete with a wide variety of buttons and perishable tools to fit our installation euqipment. These perishable items are kept in inventory to eliminate long lead delivery.

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