Sorting is Nothing New, it’s Just More Painful

When your non-conformance surfaces at your customer’s location you can be sure that your customer’s response will be swift and painful. It may even be a part that was not made directly by you but by one of your suppliers. Regardless, the cost of non-conforming material has grown exponentially in the past several decades. I’m not just referring to the lost cost of product and production, though that too is expensive. Far larger ramifications can result with customer charge backs that burrow deep into your bottom line, not to mention the ever present potential to lose a contract through a resource. In today’s manufacturing world quality parts must be a given. Even a single non-conformance can lead to disastrous results with loss of customer confidence and future business opportunities. We can help minimize such fallout…

The Farmer Group can respond with lighting quick speed, mobilizing at your or your customer’s location to help minimize lost production and potential charge backs. We can efficiently isolate and contain non-conformances whether on your floor, your customer’s floor or in transit, we will find every incident. Customer confidence can be preserved. Your PPM can be minimized. Scrap costs can be reduced. In many cases non-conformances can be reworked to keep production moving forward and to minimize exposure to potential customer line-stop.

Our inspection techniques include full parts verification. We can easily mobilize at a supplier location to determine if quality auditing is necessary and can help determine if a given supplier should be considered for resource. We understand OEM containment procedures and can work seamlessly to turn negatives into positives. We can initiate correctives actions within the OEM’s framework to quickly and efficiently arrive at root causes including implementation and verification.

  • Trained Experts on Containment Procedures, Policies and Inspection Techniques.
  • Full Quarantine and Containment all Non-Conforming Material
  • Determine Quality Issues Quickly and Effectively.
  • Full APQP (Advance Product Quality Planning) Support
  • Problem Solving Techniques with Concern Resolution, Root Causes with Corrective Actions
  • Parts Rework Capability

If non-conforming part rework is possible, our engineers can help you develop cost effective quality rework methods to bring parts back to specification. The Farmer Group provides expertise across APQP methodologies to help insure that proposed reworks with be acceptable to your customer. With customer confidence restored your organization with be able to focus on what’s most critical to your bottom line…making parts.

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