induction coil

The Six Pillars of Induction Support
No. 4 – Induction Coil Design &

  • Visual representation of coil
    performance and service life available at
    a glance.
  • Transparent method of tracking coil life
    that is not dependent on human input.
  • Continuous improvement of coil life
    becomes a matter of course.
  • Ability to track data over a wide variety
    of recipes and coil designs.
  • Move to a fixed “Cost Per Cycle” program
    that aligns supplier and customer goals.

We work with all suppliers of coil fabrication and repair facilities to help assure that coil performance is maximized, turnaround is minimized and costs are contained.

We help improve coil life through innovative design thereby saying cost by reducing the number of coil changes and production disruptions caused by failed coils.

We utilize on-board coil reporting hardware (Coil Cycle Counter) that tracks coil life against a baseline and informs floor personnel when a coil change is required, before the coil fails thereby circumventing a costly downtime event (also a cornerstone of our Proactive Maintenance Program).

The key to the program is the Coil Cycle Counter, which provides a transparent method for measuring induction coil service life. The cycle counter is installed on your induction coil and travels with it for the duration of the coil’s service life. Each time the coil is energized, one cycle is counted and stored in its onboard memory.

Cumulative cycle count is available at the touch of a button on or off the machine. Preprogrammed preventative maintenance intervals allow you to see at a glance whether the coil is approaching the end of its useful life.

Actual performance in terms of operating cycles is captured, recorded and analyzed, providing a clear picture of value received for the maintenance dollars you spend. In this way, continuous improvement efforts are guaranteed to be transparent and even more important, effective.

We help our customers to address the induction impact of how production part geometer affects coil design and power supply to arrive at an optimum induction recipe to produce target case and hardness requirements.

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