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The AAM Tech Center Energy Manage-
ment System uses the most advanced
building automation technology available
to monitor and control all of the 40 roof-
top HVAC units in the building. The
system automatically controls building
pressurization to reduce energy con
sumption, and improves building comfort
at the same time.The new BACNet thermostats
communicate to the AAM Tech Center JACE locat-
ed in the panel mounted in the control
center. The Tridium Energy Management
System can be accessed from any comp-
uter screen that is connected to the
AAMTC network (LAN), or can be ac-
cessed on the AAM WAN with local AAM
IT permissions.Access To The SystemThe EMS can be displayed on any LAN
computer screen by using assigned login
I.D. and passwords. The access level is
limited by personal I.D. in the following

  • Level 1 – Administrator: Full Access,
    plus programming.
  • Level 2 – Operator: Viewing, schedule,
    and setting changes.

Error messages and alarms are visible
and accessible to all viewers.

Extensive System Graphics
A building layout graphic displays the lo-
cation of the RTU and zone served in the
various areas of the building, and the
temperatures in of the areas served.
Clicking on the zone temperature, dis-
plays include:

  • 1. Fan command
  • 2. Zone temperature
  • 3. The discharge air temperature
  • 4. Outside air temperature
  • 5. Heating setpoint (occupied)
  • 6. Heating setpoint (unoccupied)
  • 7. Cooling setpoint (occupied)
  • 8. Cooling setpoint (unoccupied)
  • 9. Heating mode command
  • 10. Cooling mode command
  • 11. Economizer command

System Operation

The building and associated RTU’s are
divided into zones. The thermostats are
staged so that each RTU’s heating and
cooling is activated separately based on
the temperature setting on each stat.
Consequently, if several thermostats are
mounted on the same column, or are lo-
cated in the same area, in close proxima-
tely to each other, they will operate in se-
quence for either heating or cooling.

Intelligent Thermostat Operation

Whenever the thermostat senses that
the space temperature has fallen below

the adjustable heating set point, the ther-
mostat shall energize the corresponding
RTU’s heating system.Auto Building Static Pressure ControlThe building static pressure is controlled by
4 new exhaust fans that are controlled by the
EMS through static pressure sensing of the
interior building space. When the RTU economizers
activate, and the fresh air dampers open to
supply outside air for cooling in place of
mechanical cooling, the building static
pressure control activates the 4 wall ex-
haust fans in sequence to maintain a
slight positive pressure in the building.
The static pressure control stages the ex-
haust fans, 2 at a time, and modulates
the variable speed drives (VFD’s) to
maintain the building at a slight positive
static pressure.Economizer Mode (Energy Savings Mode)The RTU economizer mode is
activated by the RTU temperature controller when
the outside air temperature is cool enough to
supply cooling without mechanical cooling.
When the fresh air dampers open in
economizer mode, the building EMS
static pressure controls engage to ex-
haust the excessively warm building air
to be replaced by fresh cooling air that is
being supplied to the building.

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